When I was little

When I was about 2 years old right at the edge of my remembering back then, we lived in Denham Pictures of Denham at Huntwyk Cottage and a friend of the family lived at the other end of the “L” Dolly Butler(shes dead now) she lived at Barn Cottage. The Big House was called Huntwyk House (I can’t find any pictures on the internet of this house or the cottages around it.) in Buckinghamshire. I remember the carpet had big red and green flowers on it with a black background. I was always looking at the floor, maybe its because I was so small and its mostly what I could see.

I was running playing all through the house running from room to room. “Aunty Dolly” had just put down her cuppa tea. I didn’t see it. I ran right into it splashing my tinny little foot into it right into the cup like dunking a biscuit. I remember the blinding pain and constant screaming and everyone around me running to pile into the car. I was whisked up and ran to the car I was still screaming. I remember I couldn’t see through my tears. The pain was intense. I didn’t know Aunty Dollies tea was just off the burner and still boiling when it was put down on the floor. It burned the skin right off my tiny little foot. After the hospital I had a cast on my foot for 6 weeks while the skin healed. I had crutches but mum carried me everywhere.


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