Quad Rat Reunion

When I was a teenager this is where we used to hang out and meet our friends, rain or shine, winter or summer. The Illini Union Quad. University of Illinois.




That was the place for us. We did a lot of hanging out in the quad. But this weekend my very first boyfriend ever is having a gig at the Iron Post. His band is playing and we are rounding up whoever we can to show up. My best friend Beth will be there along with a few other people from my past like another best friend Michelle. This is an all ages event so some of us are bringing our kids…. Rex included he is bringing Maggie and Rafe. It will be so much FUN!!!!! I am going to take lots of pictures with me and my handsome and beautiful friends. I hope I won’t look all fat and ugly compared to them. Seriously I know a lot of very beautiful people inside and out and I suspect I will feel inferior. My body has done a lot of changing and I am a bit embarrassed. 

So today later on we are driving down to my old stomping grounds and catching up with old pals!!

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