My Rez Day Party

The huge party I planned last week or so at the previous Club I was GM at (Banana Club), was a bit of a flop even though I planned for weeks and made advertisements and reminders and invitations. I posted on FaceBook several times and sent out reminder invitations. I made it an event on the Second Life Website and made an event page on Facebook. I pulled out all the stops I could think of. The party was at Banana Club which was a wonderful huge club on the water that took up a majority if a 1/4 size SIM. I bought a big stage and put out my santorini torches, decorated with balloon arches and a huge cake and we had a very nice balloon dropper at the ceiling.. I was ready! I scheduled 6 wonderful DJs, GOOD DJs who I love, in hopes to bring in a crowd and make this party a good launching for our club. What actually happened when the day came…. one DJ over slept, hardly anyone came except for my few close and loved friends. The morning sets were good we had many people, but as the afternoon hours and evening hours came… no one really came. Two sets were just myself and Frankie, its a shame because DJ Enygma at the time was AMAZING playing mashups I love of older rock songs… he would have filled the club had anyone came. I felt so bad I wanted to cry but didn’t and just enjoyed my time with them. I will never forget how awesome the people were who did come and the DJs who came and had a good time anyways!!! —–

(edited 4-26-15) Taken at Prim Dance Club and Mall who then went on to be a sim .. who then went on to be not so flavorful.. But I do thank him for having a nice party for me when I really needed it. I thank Uzo Dayafter for opening my eyes to the world in SL and for helping to make me who I am today through teaching me  lessons about how crazy people can be in SL and how psycho. If you know him… Uzo Dayafter or Arkad Baxton….. give him my kindest regards.)

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