Shameless Alluring Shadow

I have been doing my best with Photoshop in little spurts. Brain fry comes quickly for me. So I am learning like one thing a day or one thing every few days in this case… For example, this drop shadow is something fairly easy to do. Notice I said FAIRLY. I am sure in newer versions of PS it is extremely easy. But for me since I am using CS 4 commercial version…. I have been fighting with this “fairly” easy task and losing. It seems to be just a few clicks before transforming it but I keep fucking it up. No step by step tutorials I can find that will help me properly since I am a unique mind…. Anyway… Here is my 2nd attempt at a drop shadow and I have no idea how I got it there or why it is the same as the backdrop and never mind the fact that it has a fucking shadow of its own? How the hell did I do that????…. This Magick Shadow ALLUDES me.

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