Well the Project XSL was a huge BUST. A last second decision and its gone. A quick note telling us thank you for all our hard work and it was not working out. Then boooom it’s gone just like that. I thought a few minutes ago I would go into it and grab my pictures and several posts real quick. Don’t know why I thought to do that but when I went there it was gone. All our hard work and effort thrown away like trash. No warning saying please grab what you want first. They assumed no one needed anything and they trashed the whole thing no warning. I am sure I can dig up the pictures on my computer but still they were hard work and time consuming much too special to the SL community. Now I can’t find them and that site is no longer. I will never put my energy into something like that again. My work is too valuable. Sure I was dumb and misplaced my folder for one of the posts but still….. it was thoughtless and careless to be so rash and quick to trash.


Well lesson learned. It was fun and had potential. On to other things I guess. I am sharing some of my work here. I work hard in Photoshop and think the pictures I make tell a story if you sit back listen to your mind. Anyhow just the other day they were talking about interviewing people for Project XSL.. then the next day booom we are scrapping it SORRY. I am still pissed. Don’t bother talking to any of us maybe one of use would take over you know? It was a great idea and needed minimal time. Lots of people to contribute when they could.. it would have ran itself.


Oh well I am done ranting.


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