Nature Inspired Gown

Paris METRO Couture: Uluru

(Please click the picture to see it bigger)

I was happy to get an invitation to a hunt and gift from Paris METRO Couture. This gown has blown me away from up top of the huge rock of Urulu. The Urulu National Park in Australia is the inspiration for this beautiful masterpiece. I was so taken back that I looked up Urulu to learn about it. I have attached a Lonely Planet Channel video.. Please sit back and enjoy with your coffee. Also if you are not yet in the Paris METRO COUTURE group yet and you love the BEST of the BEST in Second Life, YOU NEED TO JOIN!!! These gowns are works of art to say the least and I believe they are the best in SL hands down.

Paris METRO Couture: Bonjour! GREATEST LOVE~presents~When Pigs Fly Hunt, and lots of information. Merci !

╔★ Oink if you love this hunt ★
╫✰ Uluru Dreams 10 $L Gown Exclusive
╫✰ June 30- July 21st 2013
╫✰ Only at Paris METRO Couture: Sydney City
╫✰ Hint: ★ Look for the kool piggie on the 2nd floor, he is at the window ready to fly ★
╚★Tu es Magnifique xox

Here is the video I found.

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