Out for a walk

WatchTower(Please click the image to see full size).

I decided to go for a walk in Second Life and stumbled across this little gem of a sim. I follow Strawberrysingh and she said she was going to Watchtower to take some pictures. After reading her blog I thought .. that sounds real nice. So I went and took a picture of my own. It is a beautiful sim and I only visited the cafe. I must go back soon and walk some more.

So while I am in Second Life sometimes I do odd things like little mistakes. Sometimes it’s SL messing with me and sometimes I do things on purpose. This next picture was a combination of both. So then I decided to play with the actions I have in my PS CS6. I antiqued it with one click.

wrong way(Please click the image to see full size).

My house is huge and the angle turned out to be quite fascinating. Then I realized the fact that we are now looking up my skirt… almost. haha. Well, I am a bit daring that way and it made the picture even better. So sometimes mistakes turn out to be GREAT.

I have a blog to share with you… she shares great “free” stuff so I thought I would stick her here and give her a big wave!!! Check her out if you wish. SLfreebieAddiction

Also if you like my snaps I post here please PLEASE visit my studio facebook page and click “like” up top, You will be glad you did!!! I PROMISE!! MagickSTUDIOs Facebook

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