As The Second Life Turns

Second Life is what you make it.
Second Life is what you make it.

A Prim Bloggers post written by me.

Far too often as of lately… I will be reading through my Facebook News Feed and there is some kind of drama involving a DJ and a certain SL business owner.

Here is one scenario….. The DJ is an awesome DJ who has been there a long time and brings in a crowd with no complaints. The DJ is the show that keeps the club going and brings in the L. Thats a known fact. Then a dancer gets butt hurt over something and whines to the bossman. This results in the bossman going to the DJ and correcting them. Now regardless of what the situation is between the DJ and dancer, the dancers support the DJ and take care of the DJ and make sure the VIPs are happy. Right? One would think so.

So, should the DJ stay working there? Should the dancer be corrected at all? Should the dancer leave? Whatever the case this equals “bad working environment.”

Here is another scenario…. The DJ SUCKS!!!!! They don’t bring in any crowd. They don’t even bring in their own friends to the venue. The DJ is a leach. They rely on the dancers and the manager to bring in the VIPs for them. The DJ whines about how the club should be run. The DJ is a weirdo creep who does weird things for their own amusement….. in other words, the DJ could be all kinds of bad, who knows right?

So, should the DJ be fired? Should the DJ quit? Whatever the case this equals “bad working environment.” Regardless of who the bossman is and what venue it is the only solution to healthily remedy this would be to (snaps my fingers in a “Z” formation) GET THE HELL OUT, realize your self worth, realize SL is a big place and go elsewhere. No need to point fingers or cause more drama.. Just leave the groups and walk away that is if you weren’t fired for being the creepazoid DJ with no friends.

“As The SL Turns” there will always be drama on FB to read about. Make some popcorn and enjoy the show. Or, what will you do about your SL? After all, SL is what we make of it not what we want others to make for us right? SL is a beautiful place if you let it be and find where the goodness is. Why settle for mediocre when you can have the world just the way you want it?

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