Ghost of Aussie Spring

The ghost of Aussie Spring is a lonely soul. She wanders the dark night in places where there are spirit trees. They speak to her as she walks beneath them. She is reminded of her past and her history chapter by chapter and moment by moment. These memories flicker through her mind like a film projector from the very first films in history. If you listen carefully you might hear the snapping whirrring hummm of the projector as she carefully steps through the grass while lanterns in the trees glisten their light off her ghostly beautiful presence.   These memories of old can be caught while wearing Paris METRO Couture. If you listen carefully and close your eyes you may see yourself walking among the spirit trees too.

aussie spring

One of her most vivid memories that she lives over and over again is where the carousel was left to die. She played on this as a young girl with her dolls until her and her family had to leave when the war came……..
Model: AmandaMagick

Where to go: Paris METRO Couture-Sydney City Australia

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