Christmas Wishes To All


I realize that I do not blog very often and I think it is because I am too wrapped up in photoshop to do it all the time. So I blog the things I finish. I want to wish everyone (well whoever reads this which may not be much) a very merry holiday. This picture I made I had a vintage post card in mind or a vintage poster or add of some kind. I practiced some simple bokeh that did not bother making transparent in different gradients at all and just left it as is. I was thinking closeup blurry christmas lights. My hat is from the Zuri’s Jewelry christmas sim wide hunt, my hair is from Catwa, my coat is from the market place and is called Paris Coat which comes with a texture changing hud. My pants are from Shade and are called Bitten, I have this as part of a vampire outfit and have it in purple, black and red. My shoes are N-Core called Sublime the new line from a couple  months back. I fell in love with the shoes and wear them with everything I have thats red whether it matches perfectly or not haha.


Here I am at my studio by my 2 prim tree lol. Yes its the kind that is not mesh but I think its really pretty and it looks vintage to me. The outfit I have on is from the Zuri’s Jewelry Christmas Hunt and it looks vintage as well and matches the hat I think. Maybe I should wear them together? I didn’t think of that until now nor did I realize they go together lol.

ParisCoatThis is my first time displaying the Paris Coat that I got on the Market Place. See here it is in blue knit whereas before it was green tweed. I just LOVE this coat I really do!! It’s mesh and comes in all standard sizes.


Here I am in some hair from D!va. I had to get used to this hair and you can wear it as bangs to the side or parted in the middle. I did not like them parted in the middle. The hair is beautiful and for some reason it makes my eyes look like Jeannie in I dream of Jeannie sometimes. Once again here is the Paris Coat and I am displaying it in black. I wish there were a red option… giggles. Oh also I am wearing Zuri’s Jewelry’s group gift of antique pears with black opal I just love this set!!! I wear it all the time. You can find this by the christmas tree.

AmandasnowI worked on this picture yesterday just for fun. I found my christmas eyes in my inventory and its from one of those inexpensive places I can’t remember. These were however a gift from a couple years ago and the irises are beautiful red and green. The hair I am wearing is from D!va and again the antique pears necklace group gift from Zuri’s. My hands are SLink that I got to blog.. (long story there with .. pthpthpth never mind).

I just love the studio I put up and my dear dear friend Sunshine modified. Hey.. if you like my pictures go to my Facebook Studio page and hit the LIKE button you will be glad you did. Also I can do pictures for you too just find me  at my studio page and we can swap info and get started. MagickSTUDIO on Facebook

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