~My Art, My World~Herbal Tea of PMC~

Sometimes what I do comes out different every time. Staying with a particular theme is hard for me because I see different things all the time. Since I have no direction at the moment, this blog post is a homemade herbal tea from the kitchen witch who lives on the corner. You know the one house everyone is afraid of or feels weird about that has a vegetable herb garden and strange dried bundles of herbs hanging from the porch.When I make my tea I use my mortar and pestle and grind and mix the herbs myself adding this and that. It comes out different every time. In this large group of artwork you will find some Paris METRO Couture, some contest images I never submitted, some dancing with my dear friend and some quiet surprises. I have also added in a picture of my home in Second Life, our quiet beautiful retreat on the water. Please grab some herbal tea or coffee and sit back and enjoy, see what these images say to you and remember, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL and don’t let anyone squelch it.

Paris Metro Couture~Paris, France~

Paris Metro Couture~San Diego

Paris Metro Couture~Sydney City

(¯`v´¯) *:-.,_,.-:*’´ `*.¸.*´`’*:-.,_,.-:* ❤ Tu es Magnifique™ ❤

Please feel free to go to my facebook studio page to see what I do and please click the “like” button on the top of the page. I am always willing to take pictures and play in Photoshop!! Grab some coffee and relax and take a look around! Magick Thoughts Photography

Please click the images to see them larger 🙂

KeliniCONTESTThis is a contest I entered for Kelini Couture. I did not win but it was fun anyway.

Armon1My dear friend Armon, you will see him in some of my Paris Metro Couture images with me.

AYAFINALThis is an art inspiration from the TheMeshProject Body I am wearing and the new hair I bought at Argrace called Aya. My feeling for this picture was a 1920’s burlesque quiet moment before a private dance.

EVEfinalEve is a dancer at Eden’s Bliss a beautiful sim that is D/s friendly and kind to the curious.

FAC PMCI am wearing Paris METRO’s XOX dress and sitting on the swing I bought from my dear friend Jillian Fairey of Angel Fairey Creations.. Beautiful swing!!!

wants to biteWhile enjoying some good trance music this woman sent me a bite request with out even talking to me first.. I declined and told her my sister will bite me.. she smiles and then said something in Russian.

squeezeMeTightFinalModeling Squeeze Me Tight is my friend Amberleigh. Such a beautiful person and pretty dress.

MissCastMiss Cast performs at Syndey City…. catch her sometime she is wonderful.

HOMEOur home…..

Double TroubleVisiting a friend I was wearing a little somthin somethin.

blacksandcorsetI am wearing the Slink Mesh Body with some PMC

AcidFlowerTripNocturnLittleDreamA little dance with my dear friend Armon

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