Paris METRO Couture and Slink’s Physique Mesh Body

So, you have mastered how to wear mesh so that you are not sticking through it right? No? ok, I will help you real fast. In your folder for the item or dress there is an Alpha for you to wear. Are you still sticking through your dress? Don’t panic. Click yourself and go into appearance>edit shape. Now you have your window with tabs for different parts of the body to alter. Go to the areas you need and size yourself down just until you are not poking through any longer in your problem areas. Now save your new shape and call it something like MY MESH SHAPE. Wear this shape with all your mesh dresses or Paris METRO Couture dresses. This  makes it easy for later.

Second Life is ever changing and we must change with it or get out of the kitchen right? right. One of these major changes is mesh. Mesh everything from the ground to everything you see. The most new thing to Second Life now is the development of the mesh body. Mesh bodies are a new world and some of us just mastered wearing regular mesh clothing and now there are mesh bodies?? get out!! Ok, so the most popular mesh body to come out and has only been out for a couple days now is Slink’s Physique Mesh Body. This is the mesh body that all the designers and developers are designing for right now! Now is the time for them to make some serious Linden. Crap another mesh thing to buy.. I just got my hands and feet and now a body??? YES. This Physique mesh body is revolutionary because unlike the other mesh bodies, this body will work with mesh clothing you ALREADY HAVE. Yes you heard me.

So, you buy the body and get the slink hands and feet too you need them but many of you have them already. Good. Wear your hands and feet and now go to the new mesh body in your inventory wear the alpha for it and the body. Don’t worry about the head you don’t need it really. Also you CAN WEAR YOUR SHAPE YOU ALREADY HAVE. Yep, you can do that. The body comes with a skin hud with a few skins for you. Those are good in a stitch and will get you going just click on the one closest to your skin you have on by matching to your head  🙂

Also your hands need to be size XS. extra small, that is streamline size that works with this mesh body. Right onto the Alpha Clothing HUD, put that on. As you will see in my picture the hud is a great puzzle piece picture to click on. These areas are where you want your alpha for you clothing. You DO NOT wear the alpha that came with your clothing, you use this hud instead.

Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 5.58.29 PM

These puzzle piece bodies you see that are gray and red are the places you click. So put on your dress and see where you are sticking through. On this hud click those areas and the alpha applies there. It’s amazing!!!!!!! You see I am wearing Paris Metro Coutures Swarm Shimmer with the Slink Mesh Body!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!! Yes you can still wear PMC clothing and any other mesh you already own. Also, your objects like mesh flowers and hats, skirt tops, bows, whatever you can still wear and see I am wearing the flexi skirts as well. You can wear everything you have except the tattoo layers and glitch pants and anything painted on, those only go on your original body and this is the new mesh body. Yes, you may wear all mesh and attachables with the Slink Physique Mesh Body even your physics… what????? yes I said physics… also it comes with its own physics you can wear so you can have that somethin something jiggle. Breathe deep and relax… don’t panic.

I have also learned that this mesh body is great for pictures. I don’t have hardly any editing from jagged pointy edges and SL mistakes. Unless it’s an animation mistake LOL. In these next pictures you will see I am wearing a new stunning masterpiece. The Watercolor Mesh Gown & Cocktail with the Slink Physique Mesh Body. As always remember you ARE BEAUTIFUL and don’t let other tell you otherwise.

Paris Metro Couture~Paris, France~

Paris Metro Couture~San Diego

Paris Metro Couture~Sydney City

(¯`v´¯) *:-.,_,.-:*’´ `*.¸.*´`’*:-.,_,.-:* ❤ Tu es Magnifique™ ❤

Please feel free to go to my facebook studio page to see what I do and please click the “Join” button on the top of the page. I am always willing to take pictures and play in Photoshop!! Grab some coffee and relax and take a look around! Magick Thoughts Photography

Please click the images to see them larger 🙂



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