Paris METRO Couture ~The Peacock’s Complaint~

Don’t we always have a mean gremlin on our shoulder telling us we are ugly or fat or not good enough? We need to remember that we are all different and unique and special. Even in Second Life we have this gremlin on our shoulder. Why is it there and especially in SL where we can do or be anything we like? I like to illustrate stories in my mind and when Paris makes a gown like this my mind goes crazy!!! The Perfection of whimsy beauty is stunning and the movement while dancing is perfection.

The Peacock was not happy with himself just being pretty. So I have put the story here and a video as well as my art. Grab some coffee and enjoy a nice story.

The Peacock’s Complaint in silver. Storybook Series. Aesop’s Fables.

The Peacock and Juno
THE PEACOCK made complaint to Juno that, while the nightingale pleased every ear with his song, he himself no sooner opened his mouth than he became a laughingstock to all who heard him. The Goddess, to console him, said, “But you far excel in beauty and in size. The splendor of the emerald shines in your neck and you unfold a tail gorgeous with painted plumage.” “But for what purpose have I,” said the bird, “this dumb beauty so long as I am surpassed in song?’ “The lot of each,” replied Juno, “has been assigned by the will of the Fates–to thee, beauty; to the eagle, strength; to the nightingale, song; to the raven, favorable, and to the crow, unfavorable auguries. These are all contented with the endowments allotted to them.”

As always remember you ARE BEAUTIFUL and don’t let other tell you otherwise.

Paris Metro Couture~Paris, France~

Paris Metro Couture~San Diego

Paris Metro Couture~Sydney City

(¯`v´¯) *:-.,_,.-:*’´ `*.¸.*´`’*:-.,_,.-:* ❤ Tu es Magnifique™ ❤

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Peacock's Complaint

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