~Sydney City Motor Club~

Sydney City Australia is a stunning place to explore. The city, the beach and the live entertainment and shopping are among some of the things the sims have to offer. Alex Philo has opened Sydney City Motor Club which is home to the blues, great times and good people. The Grand Opening was a great experience and the atmosphere is comfortable and you feel at home to be yourself and be around great folks and great music. The sims are perfect for all kinds of activities like surfing, boating, biking, sight seeing, walking in the sand, catching the sun, great music, cars, boats, bikes, motorcycles… the list goes on…. live entertainment and SHOPPING. Paris METRO Couture is there too :)) When you land there be sure to join the Sydney Group and experience the surprises waiting for you…

Here is your chopper ride to get there

Sydney City Australia

Please click the images to see them larger 🙂



SNOW2Snow Flower




Pandaa VIP at the opening Larry the Panda


MIMISinger  Mimi


MEROSERose caught a good snap of me! :)) xox


ALEXAlex singin the blues!!

Also remember that you are great and worthy of good times, good music and good people to spend your time with in SL!!! GRAB THAT CHOPPER RIDE!!

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