New Fall Line 2014 at BoSL.

Autumn is my favorite time of year and these gowns will rustle beautifully along with you just as the leaves swirl at your feet. A beautiful walk with a loved one then an evening dance under the Eiffel Tower. Paris is waiting for you…..~~Eiffel Tower~~Paris 1900

Paris METRO Couture has a new opening at BoSL. In celebration it is full of the new 2014 Fall Line. Welcome to the Special Collectors Intro Sale of Black, Red and Silver New Designs Exclusively at the BoSL Couture Boulevard.
~ New in Black, Red and Silver Exclusives
~ For One Week Only at Collectors Special Pricing
~ Only $L 400. Each beautiful couture design
~ Plus Paris METRO Couture: You Are Goddess – In Pink Gift!

N’oubliez pas que vous êtes belle!
*:-.,_,.-:*’´ `*.¸.*´`’*:-.,_,.-:*
❤ Tu es Magnifique™ ❤

Paris METRO Couture: BoSL Couture Boulevard

Please click the images to see them larger.
FallLine2014The girls were having there monthly “Girls Night Out” but before stepping out a picture was in order…. what was to happen next that evening would leave them clinging to their friendships as tightly as possible… They never let anyone break their girl code.

YouareGoddessInPinkHer day dreaming was often but it gave her so much to write about…. Just one fantasy could fill the pages.

GeoLoveSplashPMCtextBeneath Paris in the Catacombes there is a beautiful vampire who resides. You might see her if she is unaware.

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