A Tourist

I got dressed up and went to the Paris 1900 sim. I was going to take a picture involving a new gown. But I was side tracked with a tourist and his friends. He was a role player and enjoying the carousel. He looked the part and said he had been in a bar fight when I asked about his wounds. The Paris sims are a wonderful escape and there are 4 of them with a 5th being built as we speak. The Eiffel Tower is just like the real one and the carousel is a one of a kind in SL just like the real one…. If you want to visit the sims of Paris here is a link to the Couture area and you can fly or walk or even take the trolly or an old car around the sims…. run.. go now and have some fun!!! Paris 1900 Couture

Please click the images to see them larger ❤


Haagen Skyhawk Greymoon enjoying Paris.


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