..::Paris::.. A Winter Wonderland!!

Paris is a winter wonderland.. all 5 sims. Grab your skates and head to the Paris Metro Couture Art Gallery and if you don’t have skates there are some there for you to use for free. What a wonderful time it will be for you to take a Tour De Paris1900 skating as fast as you can, or as slow as you wish. The sights are one of a kind in SL. While you are at it look for the Bear Nutcracker which is holding a PMC gift bag just for you. Happy Holidays from Paris Metro Couture and all of Paris.

Come and ENJOY!!!
Paris Metro Couture Art Gallery

And… if you haven’t yet, come to the Paris Store and Join the VIP Group. As you walk in go to the stage and on the steps there is a Holiday Gift for all our wonderful VIPs. It is in the form of a globe. Also, on the 3rd floor you will find the winter collections of wonderful warm snuggly and wonderfully stylish outfits for all your SL outings. mmmmmm hot cocoa please!!!!
Paris METRO Couture: Paris France
snowmansweatersetWarm snuggly Snowman Sweater Set. She was tired from all the decorating and sat for a minute.

ElfSweaterSetElf Sweater Set. Sisters enjoying the sights. Suzy and I always have a blast!

N’oubliez pas que vous êtes belle!
*:-.,_,.-:*’´ `*.¸.*´`’*:-.,_,.-:*
❤ Tu es Magnifique™ ❤

Please click the images to make them larger.

pmcjodie2I took Jodie with me out in the cold to see the snow. She did not feel like being cold … smiles. pmcrink2Victoria and I sat chatting after our skating.
pmcrink3Best snowman EVER.
pmcrink1Skating in the winter wonderland….. Always cherish every moment with friends and family!
pmcjodie4 copyThere we are walking around Paris in the snow globe beauty.. please don’t mind the face on the building trying to scare me…
AdventureWine4I sat down for a rest to think about all the shopping I need to do.
AdventureWine2I am wearing one of the winter outfits called The Adventure Set. Its perfect for running around Paris shopping.. or anywhere in SL… Look on the 3rd floor.
AdventureWine3One of a kind beauty….. You must come and see it and try it!!
AdventureWine5I was going to get on and ride this Ferris Wheel but then there was a restart and I had to leave 😦
AdventureWine6This Paris beauty can’t be beat!!
EiffelFirstSnowThe Eiffel Tower is the most amazing thing I have ever seen in SL… it is just like the real thing and you can go up it and enjoy.
Paris1900Paris waits for you……


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