The Massive Slink Update is here!

I was going to write a blog on this massive update but I think I will just reblog it 🙂 enjoy… and go get your updated bodies, hands and feet. If you are new to this world, I have blogged in the past about how to use the hud and how to wear mesh if you go into my past blog entries. As always please remember that the new mesh items from Paris Metro Couture can be worn with the Physique Body and now the alpha areas on the new body have doubled at least to make fitting alphas with your mesh clothing more accommodating. I had so many outfits saved with previous slink parts that I went in and deleted all my saved outfits and deleted all old Slink body parts and old Physique…. Do you know my inventory went down by 20k???

Enjoy your changes and deleting old and in with the new!!! Much Love … Amanda

Slink Style

After around 5 months of work and a lot of hair-pulling, we are finally excited to release the Avatar Enhancement, Physique and Visage Versions 2 in the Slink Mainstore. Ad physique V2Slink - Physique Fitted Mesh Body - Features There is an extensive list of changes, I have posted them below. Please read these update notes carefully. There are some very cool new features to play with, as well as some all over tweaking for function and aesthetic Products that have been updated and are now available:

  • Slink Avatar Enhancement Female Hands
  • Slink Avatar Enhancement Male Hands
  • Slink Avatar Enhancement Female Feet (High, Mid and Low)
  • Slink Avatar Enhancement Male Feet
  • Slink Physique Mesh Body
  • Slink Visage Mesh Heads
  • Slink One Shoulder Dress
  • Slink Physique Mesh Bikini

If you own any of these products, please go and  get your free update from the redelivery terminal. New creator kits will be sent out over the coming days.

Now that the technology is…

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