Dance with Me in the Emerald Garden

March is a beautiful month this year. The snow is finally gone and its warming up. Sunny skies, warm breeze and the Emerald Garden waits for you to dance. Paris Metro Couture’s Emerald Garden gown gift is beautiful and perfect for not getting pinched by anyone for not wearing green 🙂 Also a new gown perfect for dancing… Come Dance with Me…. kick your shoes off and feel the soft grass under your feet as you dance in the flowers…. Come to Paris!!!

Always remember you are beautiful!!

Paris METRO Couture: Paris France (main store)

I kick my shoes off and lay down throwing myself on the blanket…. spring took too long to get here….

DanceWithMe(This gown is in beautiful colors: Emerald, Black/Pink, Buttercup, Rose and Violet.)

Dancing with myself in the warm breeze… yes sometimes I do… Happy Spring to ALL!!!! Enjoy Life and make sure lemons thrown at you are turned into sweet tea and lemonade 🙂

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