Art and Musings

I have so much art I could post but I have chosen a few here some of which are very recent. I find I love to take pictures on location. What people build in Second Life is truly amazing. I use these as a starting point and then play in Photoshop. Since I have been making art in SL I have found that it is a wonderful outlet for me and I have no need for my anxiety medicine. I feel stronger and more creative and I have wonderful friends and friends who are family to me. Please click these images to see them larger and grab some coffee…. Have a wonderful day and…. Ne oubliez pas que vous êtes belle!

Love AmandaMagick






If you are feeling the urge to go sim searching, looking for art, or just need a new place to see…. come to Paris!
Magick Thoughts Gallery by AmandaMagick
Paris METRO Art Gallery Featured Artist
The Gedenspire Gallery Bianca Xavorin & Capt. Walter Gedenspire
Also there are 5 sims of Paris for your travels….
Centre d’information Paris 1900

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