Bee Speak ~Cote de Basques, Noir~

Many things were discussed in her meeting with the bees. In the immense variety of ZZZ. z. z. z ZZZZZ . zz. zzzzz  sounds ranging from low tone to screeching high pitch buzzing screams. She spoke with the bees and tried to reassure them that they will not be going extinct. In retort, the bees made it very clear to her that they wants us to plant MORE sunflowers.


In this artwork I am wearing Cote de Basques ~Noir~ from Paris Metro Couture’s Spring 2014 collection. However I am not wearing the hat that came with it. If you look back in my past blog posts you will see this dress illustrated. Oh never mind I will get it for you … aaaand it looks like I forgot to write a blog for this, well here it is for you and now this post is this dress :))


Ne oubliez pas que vous êtes belle!
Paris Metro Couture

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