Flower Flamingo ~Rose~

I love watercolors because they bleed into one another and also can be very dark and clear. I think this describes human nature too. When things are bad grab that wet brush and smear it all away and create something else, something better, something beautiful.

Flower Flamingo Gown ~Rose~ reminds me of unspoken feelings and thoughts. I created a watercolor with it to capture this feeling. This gown/summer wrap short dress is another of Paris METRO Couture’s Belleza Venus Applier Gowns. You can also wear it with your regular body.


Paris waits for you.
Ne oubliez pas que vous êtes belle!
Paris Metro Couture

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~ Every Design including Black, Red and Silver Exclusive Design
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~ Only $L 300. each beautiful couture design
~ Plus Paris METRO Couture: You Are Goddess – In Pink Gift!
Paris METRO Couture at BoSL

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