Today’s Girl

No matter what era or time of day today’s girl is timeless and fashion forward. We all want to feel good about ourselves and sexy business suits from Paris METRO Couture are what our today’s girl wants. Options and good ideas, beauty and strength to move mountains. Lets face it…. we move mountains everyday. Mesh suits with Belleza Appliers and the options to wear with or without your Venus body, with or without the skirt or slacks, with or without the jacket…. you are ready for anything. (I should have done more pictures with slacks)

These Today’s Girl Business Suits are waiting for you at Paris METRO Couture: THE BEST OF SL BOULEVARD ~BoSL~

Ne oubliez pas que vous êtes belle!
Paris Metro Couture

SuitPinkDot BusinessSuitpinstripe LGDTBmeshSuitCadmiumRedText PMCSuitTropical2TheVineSuit2 TheVineSuit
locations for these images:
The Eiffel Tower
Angel Manor Estate
The Sable Club
The Chamber
BAD 80s Club ~AEG~ Ambrosia Entertainment Group

Les endroits énumérés sont en attente pour vous!


A few more….. and please stay tuned for more business suits.



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