Trippin Out

I have relaxed my mind and learned some things lately. Life is too short for bullshit and bad cars and turning a blind eye to all the imagination and fantasy around me. I have been playing in photoshop lately and most recently today is fact been battling the worst migraine ever. So now that it is dull I was just enjoying one of my favorite performers in SL. Tukso Okey. But before I show you my dancing and smoking a joint… I have some art to show you. Grab some coffee and listen to some grateful dead or better yet some Tukso Okey :))

relaxingI was relaxing under my lantern tree. The stress of late in RL is taking a toll on me… ShecameThis beautiful Mermaid came to visit me at home.. isn’t she beautiful???

Here i am enjoying Tukso Okey… you must attend one of his sets if you have not already.




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