Breaking into a Sneak Peak & Collectors Sale

I have been playing with things lately. This technique I found is stunning.

Also this next picture is a surprise that is coming soon to PMC. I will make another better picture of it later when it’s time. But I played so hard with it today I just have to share… Its called Embrace the Night… Patience is a virtue and we must wait for this gown… I am sorry … grins..
Also there is a sale right now at Paris Metro Couture’s main store on the main floor.. Look for the daisies and grab your collectors bargains before they are gone!!!! After this sale new items will come in…. jumps around and giggles…

A big sale started on Paris METRO Couture main store at the ground floor!
Find the “daisies” for this very special pricing!
Gowns and dresses, original designs of the highest quality are now down to 300 L until June 4!
After the clearance sale these designs will be withdrawn and new designs will be released!
So don’t miss the chance to get an original Paris METRO design at the lowest possible price!
Collect your daisies!!!

Ne oubliez pas que vous êtes belle!
Paris Metro Couture

Also a side note… The dress I am wearing in the Breaking picture is from Rainie Day. :))) you can find her on the MP.

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