When I need to breathe and relax I go home. Part of home is the Magick Sky Gardens. I was laying in the grass looking up to the Heavens Garden and thinking about many things. Why do people come to Second Life to be horrible things? You can be anything you choose so why choose to be a horrible person in SL? I know many wonderful people and wonderful friends who have helped me through many hard times. I believe SL is what we make of it. I made these floating islands and my sis Jodie helped to position them. They can be anything I want. So far they are Spring. Autumn, another spring/summer and then the Heavens Garden. I used to have winter but got tired of it this spring LOL so tore out all the snow and winter. This 1/4 sim of floating gardens is open for you to explore and see some of my art too and take pictures if you wish. I am thankful and grateful to all of you in my life… I would not be who I am right now without you 🙂

Come visit if you wish…

MagickLand Sky Gardens

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