Travels to Goatswood…

Word on the SL street is that Goatswood will be gone as well as Venexia also a 3rd owned by the same people, Kingdom of Sand which will close at the end of the year. I don’t know if it is official since the information I got is not from LL itself but time will tell. I will spare the details I got since I don’t know it is fact but in the blogging world this seems to be the news. So I decided to go visit Goatswood. It is rather involved and large and I see I will require another visit…. But here are my travels so far. As you are walking around this beautiful place please keep in mind to click the green books which will give you a notecard of the story of that spot. Also click the red mushrooms for a notecard of the RP story of that area.. although you are free to make up your own stories. Let your imagination run wild… go on… and please remember to where your Visitors Ticket/OOC tag.

goatswood_002 goatswood_003 goatswood_004 goatswood_005 goatswood_006 goatswood_008 goatswood_009 goatswood_010 goatswood_011

Please stay tuned for more travels through this RP Sim……

Location: Goatswood

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