Celeste Heirloom Dreams & Belleza Venus Update

I am loving the new Belleza Venus Update. There are two more body options Isis which is like Venus and Maitreya and then there is Freya which is thick and curvy, voluptuous. BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL. My old Melissa skin needs updating so I think its time for me to go skin shopping at Belleza now since I have been Melissa for almost 4 years. I have had compliments daily on Melissa and I don’t want to change but it’s time and I must. In this artwork I am wearing the new V3 update to the Belleza Venus Mesh Body, wearing Venus. I had to look again to make sure because now I am wearing Isis one of the other options that is also flawless….. The Belleza Location

Celeste Hairloom is the set I am wearing from Lazuri. The dreamy, antique feel is stunning with anything or nothing at all. The gem and metal changes make this set a goto or a signature look that completely escapes time….. Lazuri Main Store


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