Art in SL, Migraines and Hildegards Visions

Is it possible that the artistic visions can be caused by migraines??? IF this is possible then this may be why my visions are so vivid and clear ever since my dreams I had when I was 4 years old. I used to have a recurring dream when I was young.

The dream was of my Aunt Shirley’s farm house. (picture of it below) I dreamt that it was night time and there were lots of gunshots. I wake up from my cousins bed upstairs and run down and outside barefoot. My white nightgown brushing my legs. My heart is pounding and everywhere I run I see dead bloody bodies laying all over the ground. Near the picnic table I see one of the dead bodies turn its head and look straight at me. I screamed. I remember running back in the house to the kitchen and my Aunt consoles me and I remember looking at the moon shadows of the blinds on the wall.

I used to have this dream quite often. It is so vivid I can describe it detail for detail even now 40-ish years later. I grew into my migraines. They are feirce and rather often. I try to illustrate my art the best I can get it right for my vision. Is it possible that these visions are due to migraines? Hildegards experiences was around 40 years old with her bright golden light. I never saw the light but I believe I live in it so I don’t see it so much.

I am adding a picture I took of my Aunts house recently and it is due to be knocked down and wood salvaged. The house was built around the 1850’s and the whole time my Aunt and her family lived in it they used the wood burning stove and an outhouse up until 10 years ago. Such memories I have of that house .. so much love and family memories to cherish. There is a new house now built on the property in southern Indiana. But that dream of mine took place here around this old house. shirleyshouse

hildegard's vision of christ 2

Hildegard’s vision of Christ, surrounded by concentric circles of light.

When I was forty-two years and seven months old, Heaven was opened and a fiery light of exceeding brilliance came and permeated my whole brain, and inflamed my whole heart and my whole breast, not like a burning but like a warming flame, as the sun warms anything its rays touch.

–Hildegard von Bingen, Scivias, translated by Mother Columba Hart, O.S.B., and Jane Bishop

Neurologist Oliver Sacks believed that the dazzling visions of Hildegard von Bingen (1098-1179), the great Benedictine abbess and polymath, were caused by migraines. Hildegard struggled with chronic health problems. In Scivias, her first book of visionary theology, she described being bedridden when she received the divine command to write and speak about her visions that she had kept secret since childhood. According to Sacks, the symptoms she described are identical to those of migraine sufferers…

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