You are Invited to the Opening of ‘Leave Blank II’

Opening of ‘Leave Blank II’, an installation by French Artist: Louly Loon
::When: Sunday July 12th
Time: 12 pm – 2 pm SL Time
Where: Paris METRO Art Gallery
Live music 12 pm to 2 pm SL time:
⊱ॐ♬ॐ⊰ Aminus Writer 12 pm – 1 pm
⊱ॐ♬ॐ⊰ Clay Harsley 1 pm – 2 pm
SLURL: Paris METRO Gallery
Paris METRO Couture: Paris Metro Couture Main Store


Artist Series: New Gown Made in Honor of the Aritst (with Appliers! Belleza, Omega and Slink)
This is my artwork illustrating this beautiful etheal gown.
finalFrench Artist Lonly Loon

Loon challenges the audience to ponder her visually intriguing exhibit which transcends boundaries and reaches towards the ethereal. “Leave Blank II is the second part of a reflection, it’s up to you to not leave or leave it blank.
…Is it nostalgic or a view of the future?…” (LL)

Background About Louly Loon:
First, thanks for interest in my art work!
I’m Louly resident in sl since 8 years. I’m French, love art and music.
In sl I build, create most part of my time.
I made many exhibits, and participate to different art Challenge, and won some.

In rl too, I build a lot. Photos is in my life since I was 16. I draw and paint. and I made objects with recuperations things that I found during my rambles.

I was for months a member of “Space 4 Art” team. Great art collective project. I decided since few to leave and go on my own.

Always interested by meeting others residents of sl…”
—Louly Loon


Special thanks to our new – Shiloh Emmons – New Arts Director of Paris METRO Art Gallery (PMAG)

Background About Shiloh:
“Born in Detroit, raised in Michigan, I relocated to Santa Fe, New Mexico, many years back. For well over two decades, I worked in the capacity of Art Consultant/Art Sales in the Art tourist market.
In addition to my role as Art Consultant, I did extensive merchandising and hanging of the stores and galleries I worked in, attentive to how customers/art collectors interact with displays. I carried my interest of displays, exhibits, and presentation, into the museums I volunteered with.

I have a rather vast background in Southwestern Indigenous Artistry, painters from the region (and some globally), O’Keeffe & Modernism, the historical roots of ethnic arts of the Southwest, History and Archaeology of the region, and the rise of tourism to the Southwest (Fred Harvey). While I specialized my knowledge in, for instance, pottery technology, local culture groups, and the rise of trade blankets impacting the production of indigenous textile production, I independently studied about local art movements and global influences.

My academic training is in Socio-Cultural Anthropology at the graduate level. My interest is in how our cultural foundations shape artistic expression, as well as how art informs the way we interpret identity.”

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