The 10th Annual Hair Fair 2015

The hair fair is a wonderful thing and raises money for wigs for kids. It runs July 11th-26th there are only 2 days left!! My friends have been asking me about the fair and I keep having to give them the link to the Hair Fair Blog. This blog is crucial to you getting around the fair. The SL search and link they give you is not the actual fair. Its a landing point hub sort of thing that has mostly to do with fashion for some reason. You will need the blog because the fair is divided into sims of hair color. So far I have gone to the blonde and brunette sims. Please take note that the Blonde sim  seems to be full at all times LOL. Hair Fair 2015 in Secondlife

hair fair 2015

My sis SuzyQ and I ran around the fair for a bit looking and getting gifts. It’s also a great way to find out about many designers you never knew of before. Since there are only 2 days left you should probably RUN there and check it out!

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