The Enquirer of SL????

For a few years now I have noticed a few “Drama Queens” in SL whether men or women start a site for slandering others in SL. I don’t know if the latest one I found today is just someone making an outlet for releasing pent up energy or if they made it to really feel safer about slandering others. I will let you all decide which direction this one is going.

As for me… I firmly believe that SL is an outlet for many people who are not well in RL or need an escape from RL for a little now and then to make it through each and every day. EVERYONE deserves respect whether you believe what they say or type in SL or on Facebook… whatever the case may be… have some caution and respect for others. You never know what their situation is or who you are actually speaking to in RL. You never know if you are slamming a door on your foot or not.

Remember that everyone is beautiful and worthy of your kindness no matter what the surrounding circumstances are of their online persona. There is no need to start hate crusades. Being Anonymous might feel safer but is it really?

I have written this post as something to think about and it is not intended to call anyone out or hurt anyone.

Here is the site/community
SL Secrets
(just an older image of mine I am using instead of using theirs and getting in trouble).

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