“NIGHT is dying, dawn is hieing
Through the darkness, while I wait
Underneath your window late,
Deeply dreaming, deeply sighing
For a vision fair and flying,
Fair as youth, and fleet as fate :
For this haunted dream of mine
Holds your image, Columbine.
In the sombre land of slumber
Lies the Earthly Paradise,
Where a girl with just your eyes
Moves in measures without number,
While the golden hours encumber
With their fairest flowers the shrine
Of our lady, Columbine.” ~~Justin H. McCarthy
HarlequinBallroomThis first image is taken at Creamy’s Spot Ballroom. Creamy’s Spot has many themed areas to explore so grab your group tag and enjoy!

HarlequinCoupleHarlequin Gown & matching Tuxedo is waiting for you at Paris METRO Couture. Beautiful, dreamy and just for you. Paris waits for you! Paris METRO Couture

PMChalequinFinalI would like to also let you know that the beautiful fuchsia behind in my 2nd and 3rd images can only be seen at Rez Nightclub. It is specially mixed and a trademark of AEG. Here is your limo to Rez! REZ NIGHTCLUB!
AEG has some of the best DJ’s and Dancers around the grid enjoy your time there.

Also, be sure to go to Paris METRO Couture to get your Harlequin and anything else your heart desires! Paris METRO Couture has appliers for your mesh body including Belleza, Slink and Omega (which will work with many mesh bodies).

Here are your passports to Paris!
Paris METRO Couture: Paris Metro Couture Main Store
Magick Thoughts Gallery at Paris 1900: Magick Thoughts Gallery by AmandaMagick

Paris METRO Couture Connects:
PMC Facebook
PMC Flickr

AmandaMagick~Magick Thoughts Connects
SL: amandamagick
Wordpress: Magick Thoughts SL Blog
Flickr: Magick Thoughts SL 100 Proof Drive-by Shooter
Facebook: AmandaMagick’s FB

Paris waits for you!! ~~Ne oubliez pas que vous êtes belle!~~

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