Paris METRO Couture’s Flight Path & Lazuri

Luxurious feathers float in the breeze made as I twirl around. They touch my legs and tickle.
Paris METRO Couture: Flight Path Gown
Center Stage at the main store is where you will find this gown and matching shoes!! Don’t wait go and treat yourself! Also please do not forget that this gown comes with appliers including Belleza, Slink and Omega as well as your system layers for your original body. Everyone can enjoy Paris METRO Couture! Paris METRO Couture~La Samaritaine~Paris France


Lazuri’s MVW 2013 Empress Josephine is just divine with it. This adornment set has many color and metal changes to suit you!
Here is a limo for you to Lazuri. Lazuri Main Store
(Please click these images to see them larger)

~*~*~*~PASSPORTS TO PARIS!*~*~*~*

Here are your passports to Paris!
Paris METRO Couture: Paris Metro Couture Main Store
Magick Thoughts Gallery at Paris 1900: Magick Thoughts Gallery by AmandaMagick
Gedenspire Art Gallery: Art by Bianca Xavorin

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SL: amandamagick
Wordpress: Magick Thoughts SL Blog
Flickr: Magick Thoughts SL 100 Proof Drive-by Shooter
Facebook: AmandaMagick’s FB

Paris waits for you!! ~~Ne oubliez pas que vous êtes belle!~~

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