GiftBot Scam!! ~a reblog of StrawberrySingh because I love her blog so much~

I am going share with you the blog written by StawberrySingh. She has written well on the topic I feel it is very important to know about since it can be very dangerous to you. Lately there has been a giftbot at certain locations that will offer you a discount on that business they are at. Do not accept it! It will take all your Lindens from you. Here is StrawberrySinghs well written blog on the issue. I enjoy and respect her blog so much that I want to share this one with you! Please go there and read it! GiftBot Discount Scam in Second Life Written by StrawberrySingh

As for an update on me, I am busy working on things that are on the burner so to speak. One of them is a very small second location for Magick Thoughts Art. It is so small and cute I will only have a 2 or 3 artwork set there and it will change from time to time. You can buy one or all and its up to you. Or you can just sit there and hangout to chat with a friend and go shopping at the Miss Mischief Mall. Its just a little something for me to play with and I love it! Magick Thoughts Art at Miss Mischief Also right outside my door there is a fish hunt if you are interested. Don’t know how I feel about that but there ya go!
TeaSteamofStars(Tea with Steam of Stars)

~*~*~*~PASSPORTS TO PARIS!*~*~*~*

Here are your passports to Paris!
Paris METRO Couture: Paris Metro Couture Main Store
Magick Thoughts Art Gallery at Paris 1900: Magick Thoughts Gallery by AmandaMagick
Magick Thoughts Art Gallery at Miss Mischief:  by AmandaMagick
Gedenspire Art Gallery: Art by Bianca Xavorin

Paris METRO Couture Connects:
PMC Facebook
PMC Flickr

AmandaMagick~Magick Thoughts Connects
SL: amandamagick
Wordpress: Magick Thoughts SL Blog
Flickr: Magick Thoughts SL 100 Proof Drive-by Shooter
Facebook: AmandaMagick’s FB

Paris waits for you!! ~~Ne oubliez pas que vous êtes belle!~~

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