Role Play to an Unneeded Level! SHAKE IT OFF! SHAKE IT OFF!!

Whether there are RP sims or not, there are seriously devoted people out there pushing their RP experience onto anyone who will react. Second Life gives us an outlet to be anything. How about being an unwanted RP griever for instance? Say that your role in SL is to go to art events and heckle other featured artists because you thrive on the rush? Lets say that you are an artist or anything maybe even a DJ? You then go to performances and pick and poke at the artist or DJ in local because you can’t help yourself. Second Life is safe for you to do this, to be someone else and act like a douche nozzle.

What you forget is the fact that SL is an escape for everyone even you. You forget that there are people behind the avatars. Would you actually do this in real life? Would you go to an art opening or a concert and run your horrid mouth slamming the artist or performer? what? NO? well why would you do that in SL then? Second Life is a wondrous place full of opportunities for you and many ways to express yourself OTHER THAN being a douche nozzle. Why not use it to network and take it real life?

So if you are going and heckling, grieving and abusing others at events what does it say about you? Are you making any friends? Oh wait…. you love getting banned I see. Getting famous for being horrible instead of AWESOME.

ME? I much prefer AWESOME. I much prefer to make friends instead of enemies. We all crave attention. But the bad kind of attention is only going to get you banned and cast out. Good Luck with that.

Sisterhood and family is MUCH BETTER!
Friends(Part of the Paris METRO Couture Artist Series featuring Kylie Sabra. One of my favorite images so I revamped it. Models: AmandaMagick & Jodie Whitman)


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