How to spot a Copy Botter ~Search and find any creators content!!~

WOW! Can you spot any other designers work in this that they missed? One thing that makes me angry is people like this who copy bot. Creators work very hard and should be paid for their work. Copy Botters are SCUM!!!!!

~~~ much love,

On the Rox

Fair warning….there are lots of pictures involved in this post and it’s liable to cause some controversy … welcome to the new year!


So last night I’m minding my business with friends when Darth noticed I only had a few prim left on my land, alarming since I should have had almost 1,000.  A quick area search found an entire house 1,000 m’s up, fully furnished.  Pretty nervy on it’s own, but as we were walking around it and getting ready to return items one by one, Cinder noticed that when she edited a known Second Spaces item it said that the creator was the squatter, Nescolet Resident.  Upon further inspection, we found almost everything in the house was, in fact, other designers work, including Apple Fall, Sorgo, Lisp,  Vespertine, Pixelmode, The Loft, Dutchie, Second Spaces, Tres Blah, Secret Store, Standby, What Next, Little Hopper, Akeyo, Neurolab Inc., LP2, epia…

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