Draw Me ~gold~/Fashion Photographer vs. Fashion Review Blogger

DrawMeGoldParis METRO Couture: Draw Me mesh dress and boots in gold. You will find it in Cream Gold, Rose Quartz and Serenity with matching boots. COME TO PARIS!

Sometimes red-hot nerves get poked on certain issues. The Artist and Blogging communities in SL brush up against each other and feathers get ruffled. But when you look at the bigger picture of course it all boils down to the fact that we all are different types of artists and whether you blog or not is just a side issue right? Everyone has their own opinion on what is art and what is raw and who are real bloggers and who are review bloggers and … takes a breath. Some people use Photoshop and some people use quick edit/do it for you applications too. Whether you can tell the difference or not everyone puts hard work into what they do so why belittle others? Why take heirs on whether you use Photoshop or not? Fitting into the “elite” group of artists/bloggers isn’t so important on whether you are a great blogger or not. It takes time and blog views/followers and reach to make designers notice you when you apply to blog for them. Some designers are a bit snobby and want you to have a great following and reach before they will accept you or not. I have been turned down in the past so has everyone. This does not diminish my accomplishments and stature. I was once told…. “Do what you do, and keep on doing it!” don’t let others get you down and stop you or ruin your joy. I make fashion pictures that are art and I make art. I fit into Fashion Blogger and Review Blogger. Also I blog anything relating to Second Life that catches my fancy or pinches my nerves.. like this topic for instance “Fashion Photographer vs. Fashion Review Blogger.”

Sometimes people get childish with their feelings on what they believe to be true especially when they have been around a long time and “seen it all.” If you are new to the scene or old please remember that we all have feelings and we all work hard, play hard and do what we do for our own happiness.

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