Brain Salad Surgery in Coral Sumi ll ~blue~ + a gift!!!!

Blue, Pink or Yellow dreams swirl around you as you rest on this gothic couch in the cathedral. Mine are blue. Paris Metro Couture: Coral Sumi 2 ~blue~ with appliers and can be worn with skirts or without. Sexy slim pencil fit with matching shoes 🙂 Enjoy Paris and go get yours!
..”The Coral Sumi, a surf-wear influenced design, is one of the first twelve gowns that launched Paris METRO Couture and now is updated to include mesh appliers for Belleza, Maitreya (Omega) and Slink Mesh Bodies. Also Included are custom matched stilettos that fit Slink, Belleza and Maitreya feet. Now in three updated colors. Each design includes mesh shoes all for a Collector’s Intro Pricing of 450 L”

coralSumi2BlueFinal2The amazing furnature in these images is from ~Libertine~ Justine at Fallen Gods. ~Libertine at Fallen Gods~

When you listen to this please use good headphones and be patient and keep listening. Turn your volume up a little so you can close your eyes and listen.

We have an Exclusive fun gift in Paris for All PARIS METRO VIPS, a Citroen CV2 4 Door Retro Classic Sedan build and scripted for Paris METRO Couture Members!
What: Paris METRO VIP Group Exclusive Gift – Citroen CV2 Drivable Car
How: Wear your Paris METRO VIP Group Tag
Where: Paris Couture on the Second Floor
Paris Metro 2nd Floor
When: For A Very Limited Time
Paris METRO Couture_ Citroen CV2 Built & Scripted by Club 33

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