Mardi Gras in Harlequin Colors!!

Happy Mardi Gras Everyone!!!

Just in time for Mardi Gras Fat Tuesday Matching His and Hers King and Queen of the Ball outfits at a very very special Collector’s Intro price for today! Only 300L for Fat Tuesday Only.

On the Second Floor of Paris METRO Couture in Paris. LM: Paris METRO Couture
It is Mardi Gras time
Yes siree its N’awlins Mardi Gras
Welcome to folks travelling far
Over the pond it is Pancake Day
It is a carnival in the US of A

Colorful costumes seen everywhere
Cajun and Creole food for all to share
In the french quarter on Bourbon Street
The lively carnival floats do begin to meet

Ready to party and dance all night long
The trumpets playing a marching song
With voodoo and jazz music for all to see
So a great celebration you can guarantee

Ah the wonderful smells in the night air
That feeling of happiness we all share
Hiding behind the mask in a great costume
With such joyous dancing and a feather plume
taken from A Mardi Gras Poetry Contest

Don’t forget your gift at the Marketplace of Mon Amour!! Paris METRO Couture: Mon Amour in Red

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