“walk” an installation by Rose RFB Morpork

Dear All My Lovely Readers,
You are cordially invited to attend the gala opening of “walk” an exhibit by Rose RFB Morpork of her real life art that has never before been shown publicly. Please come and enjoy.
We are also very honored to announce the new Gallery Director, Captain Sir Walter Gedenspire.
Paris METRO Art Gallery Postcard RFB -Walk 2-2016
OCCASION: Gala Opening of “walk” an exhibition by RFB Morpork
WHEN: Saturday, February 13th, 2016
WHERE: Paris METRO Art Gallery Limo to the Gallery
LIVE PERFORMANCE: 1 PM SLT – Obeloinkment Wringglesworth
2 PM SLT – Tukso Okey
DRESS: Casual to Formal
NEW ARTIST SERIES GIFT: To be announced…..
☲ walk ☲
Thank you for visiting the installation of “walk”. an exhibit of paintings.

At the very core of the work in “walk is about paint and the act of painting.
Painting in various mediums and now in a digital medium it is first publicly exhibited.
The work begins with a need to paint, for a reason I cannot explain. When the topic of paint and why still do we paint, I can only refer to the earliest recordings of paint that exist in the Caves of Lascaux. Lascaux is famous for its Palaeolithic cave paintings, found in a complex of caves in the Dordogne region of southwestern France, These paintings are estimated to be 17,300 years old, we still do not know exactly why humans painted these images of hands, horses and other things that could be depicting elements of their lives. I feel it is a beautiful and ironic opportunity to exhibit in Paris of Second Life

I paint and love to paint, often not thinking past this I begin a work. Sometimes like the work collected in “walk” is about part of myself, perhaps parts I do not wish to even know of. Thats the odd thing about paint, once it is done, it tells of a truth, in the same way I believe Pablo Picasso once is thought to have said “Art is a lie that tells the truth.”

Attracted to the warmth and color of fire, to the chemical of paint, to the idea of womanhood and my own personal beautiful paths, this is the place where the paintings in the “walk” series seems to exist.

I wish to thank all the previous esteemed artist that have shown the Paris METRO Art Gallery and given me such pleasure, it is a true honor to have this window of time to show my own work. I also wish to thank the team of Paris METRO Couture & Gallery for all the efforts and their time to provide wonderful events and experiences at the Gallery and more. In addition and not least by order, I wish to thank Netpat and Dame Igaly for providing the Paris Sims to us in all of their beauty.

Thank you,
Rose RFB Morpork
© 2016 RFB. All rights reserved.

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