Premiere Rose a Gift of Thank You!

Because of all of you our VIPs and the hard work of our entire team at Paris METRO Couture our Paris METRO Art Gallery won Favorite Nominee. Supporting artists is something Paris METRO works very hard at. As a Thank You to you we have this beautiful gift for you that you can find in the Subscribomatic at the front door of the main store. Also it is in the notices of the VIP group. The Premiere Rose mesh gown is stunning with warm colors and beautiful mesh pieces that will shine or gently bling if you use Advanced Lighting Model. I could not capture this effect in my picture so you will have a lovely surprise upon wearing it.Paris METRO Art Gallery_ Avi Choice Award 2016


Paris METRO Couture: Premiere Rose mesh gown as a gift to you!!!!



Also, please do not forget our Winter Sale!!

:::::::: Seasonal Sale on Second Floor! :::::::
􀀛New Designs to Second Floor – These Designs Fit Belleza, Maitreya and Slink Bodies and your Beautiful Classic Avatars too!
Paris METRO Couture_ Postcard 2016 Casual Winter Sale
A really fun gift made by Club33, the Bumblebee Flying Machine. Be sure to take your gift when visiting the Paris Store, just wear your Paris METRO VIP tag. Have fun flying in Paris METRO Couture!
Club33 Bumblebee Flying Machine Exclusive Paris METRO VIP Gift

::::::: Last Few Days of Kimono Sale :::::::
Each Kimono is a complete outfit some including special make-up, hair ornaments and shoes. For one week only we offer this beautiful collection of artistic dressing for our Collector’s at 450 L each.
Paris METRO Couture Kimono Shop

:::::::::::: GALLERY EXHIBIT NEWS ::::::::::::
We are very honored to announce the new Gallery Director, Captain Sir Walter Gedenspire.
In the Gallery Now is the new show “walk” Rose’s only exhibit to be in the Paris METRO Art Gallery and never before shown in SL.
Its and honor to have Rose there and we welcome you each to visit.
WALK_00112715896_885602564891080_6016875398329928668_oParis METRO Gallery “walk” by Rose RFB Morpork: Paris Metro Art Gallery

Also, a special film made by the wonderful Boris Twist of our previous installation of “Enchantment”. Boris has captured the magic and beauty of my art with his own magic and music. Please enjoy!

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