“Inspired Escapes” ~Paris METRO Couture~ in videos by Maggie Spires

MaggieVideosInspired Escapes by Maggie Spires is a series of advertisement videos for Paris METRO Couture. During Maggies learning process she is making wonderful videos that I think are worthy of a great blog post! Everyone feels beautiful in Paris Metro and her videos prove that in a magical beautiful way. Being part of the Paris METRO Team and video producer and model give her a unique edge. Maggie is Top model of second Life’s most renowned Agency “CWS” and is also top model with Audace Top Model Agency. We love you Maggie! Please enjoy her videos and come see what Paris Metro is all about!

Paris METRO Couture’s goal is to always seek opportunity found on the horizon so that we may share this with you, concentrating our resources to develop unique original designs that offer the highest level of service, finest products and a wonderful experience.

▒▒▒▒▒▒▒ Paris METRO Couture Social Marketing ▒▒▒▒▒

Our promotional notices and network include:
Paris METRO Subscribo VIP: 12,000 + Collectors
Paris METRO VIP: 1800 Members
Paris METRO Art Gallery: 1000 Members
Affiliated SL Groups: 150,000+
Facebook Paris METRO Couture: 2000+ Members
Facebook mass group posting, multi blog posting, tweet, and promotional Gown, and event postings in excess of 300,000 members

Pairs Couture = 100 avatars and surrounding sims.

Paris METRO Couture’s Dream Team:
it really doesn’t get any better than this:
~ Pat Sheridan, Director of Operations/Security
~ Titania Harbour, General Manager
~ Maggie Spires, Sr. Cultural Director
~ Walter Gedenspire. Director of Paris METRO Art Gallery
~ Bianca Xavorin, Art Consultants
~ Scorpinosis Nightfire, Avatar PR, Public Relations
~ Snow Flower, Event Hosting
~ Amandamagick, Official Photographer
~ Dyana Serenity, Blogger
ⓡⓞⓢⓔ RFB Morpork / Paris Zsun Creators & Owner

Paris METRO VIP http://world.secondlife.com/group/8ee855b4-8e76-1813-e295-07a83d418b6e
Or visit the store and there is a subscribo at the entrance, please touch and receive your gift too 🙂

….::::::::::Paris Metro Couture’s connections are as follows::::::::::….

Paris METRO Art Gallery
Paris Metro Couture Main Store
New Renaissance Paris Metro Couture Galleria
Paris Metro Couture BoSL Store
PMC Facebook
PMC Flickr
Paris METRO Couture on the Marketplace!!

….::::::::::AmandaMagick’s connections are as follows::::::::::….

Gallerie D’Magick~new location~ by AmandaMagick
Magick Thoughts Art Gallery at Miss Mischief ~new location~: by AmandaMagick
Magick Thoughts SL Blog
Magick Thoughts SL Flickr
Magick Thoughts Facebook
Magick Thoughts Tumblr
Magick Thoughts Twitter
Magick Thoughts Instagram
Magick Thoughts YouTube
Magick Thoughts Google+

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