The Challenge of Blogging

So true!!!! I believe in quality vs quantity when it comes to blogging and making art and portraying an event or designers creations. The last thing I want to do is put a “LOOK” together in my studio wearing as much as possible and making a silly style card. To me thats not blogging thats hey I got all this stuff and here is where I got it. THE END.
To that I say….. “boooorrrrinnnngggggggggggg…….” (echo echo echo echo) The Fantasy Faire is an amazing place to get things you can get nowhere else and to go to a great cause! I say go get your hud and look around and take your best shots as well as art with what you buy!!! Its all about what makes us feel good and enjoying our own SL right? —-hugs AmandaMagick

Fantasy Faire 2017

Tuar Tamzin Xigalia of Tamzin’s Treats explores Blackmoor.

I was recently approached by one of the Faire’s official bloggers with the question of how many posts and items they were expected to blog. I might have confused her with my response, simply because I laughed. Then I explained to her that I don’t care about numbers. As long as the blogger puts her heart into her post, is inspired by the Fairelands and blogs the Faire as the wondrous event it is instead of, say, two items added in a look in a studio, I’m happy with even one post!

20160421_01 Freyja Nemeth of OtherWorldly explores the Golden Delta

To me quality versus quantity is a simple no-brainer: I always prefer quality and quality takes time, it takes effort. It takes inspiration. This is why I do not check your flickr favourite numbers, I do not ask about the amount of your blog…

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