Le Reve de Darcy ~Darcy’s Dream~ YOU’RE INVITED!!!

Artist Darcy Mokeev ~Georges Faget-Benard~


Paris Metro Art Gallery
Drawing since childhood, Darcy Mokeev (aka Georges Faget-Benard) began at first as an illustrator in the Review Planet and the magazine Historia (1964/1970). His meeting with the Theater modifies slightly the way. At first an actor in about ten plays and television films (1970/1980), then decorator, lighter, poster designer and scenographer (1980/1990), he traveled around the world to diverse tours with the Company of the Aquarius, designing decorations, costumes and posters of numerous plays to become finally a painting teacher at the Atelier du Passage (1995/2008) and open his own studios in the 17th district of Paris in 2002 and a gallery to exhibit young contemporary artists recruits in 2013: Galerie 15 Saussure
Darcy Mokeev – Georges Faget-Benard in RL – has exhibited regularly in France and abroad, at Liliane François, rue de Seine and at Sylvie Autef Galerie Mouvances, place des Vosges where he is a resident artist. He is part of the “Maxirealistic” movement, showing every year at the “Grand Palais”.

*Paris METRO Art Gallery Postcard Darcy Monkeev Art Exhibit Open
::::::::::: PARIS METRO ART GALLERY NEWS ::::::::::
OPENING SOON: La Reve De Darc/ Darcy’s Dream
Darcy Mokeev Artist, Painter, Performer
1:00pm Darcy Mokeev (France) Jazz
2:00pm Loreen Legion (Russia) Pop & Rock
Artist Series Gown for only 100L for the time of the Party
LM: Paris METRO Art Gallery Gardens

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