I am very interested in seeing this. A newish and intriguing gallery by an acquaintance of mine Mareea Farasco. This [Enlightenment] exhibit by Cicciuzzo Gausman will be nice.

The Bergdorf Reports


The exhibit [Enlightenment] by Cicciuzzo Gausman opens on Sunday, May 15, 2016 at 12 PM SLT at IMAGO. There are twenty photographs on two floors of this newish and quite intriguing gallery by Mareea Farasco (who also has her own opening of the exhibit Medieval Fantasy at the Club LA gallery this Saturday at 12 PM SLT). Having returned to Second Life after an extended hiatus, Mr. Gausman continues devoting time to photography, developing his own unique style of “realism.” The images on display here are indeed incredibly realistic and of a few of them I thought they must have been taken in real life for sure. In these photographs we see represented a successful integration of composition, light, and shadows, resulting in bold and quite elegant avatar studies. Mr. Gausman notes about this exhibit that [a] series of 20 images about how sometimes finding the “perfect” avatar and just the right…

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