EVRE is coming. There’s a new meaning to “Call any time.” ~a new LEA Tahiti Rae Build~

The mind tickles in a far back spot few seldom recall. That one instant moment when Déjà vu takes over when familiarity tingles all ones senses with no explanation. Stepping in and out of the same dream knowing it’s something more… memories…. EVRE is coming.

Her heart races… she daren’t touch the phone. The ringing pulls at her deep inner being tingling her fingertips. She breathes in and holds it biting her lip, her fingers twitch and snatching them back briefly. Then…… reaching again…..

“Call any time….”

“Call any time…”

Gently in her one hand she picks up the base and holds the receiver cold up to her ear….

Hesitant and softly “h-h-hello?” The voice on the other end is tiny and gentle in response. Her heart leaps out of her chest as she realizes …. the breeze goes cold as she whispers …. “hellooo?”  The voice on the other end is of young little girl pretending to call and speak to her dolly during a tea party.

Holding the phone steady so she doesn’t drop it she listens intently letting out her held breath knowing that the voice on the other end is in fact herself.

(People who “know” recognize each other. –Tahiti Rae)

Wearing Paris Metro Couture: Capt. Nemo PMC LM(Please click the image to see it larger).

a new Tahiti Rae Build

EVRE is coming at summer’s end 2016….. Keep your eyes wide open!

“I believe our spirits travel together in groups from one existence to the next. Our spirits may play different roles each time but we are always together a familiarity. This is why when we meet some one that click happens. It happens because its supposed to.” –AmandaMagick

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  1. Mahara Rayne says:

    Reblogged this on PCX Arts & Library and commented:

    Traveling the Grid anytime soon? Check out Evre!

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    1. Magick Thoughts by AmandaMagick (photographer, artist, blogger, PMC team) says:

      Thank You for sharing this!!!!!!!!


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