Internet Addiction

(Using this artwork of mine as a display image for this blog). Addiction is a serious thing especially if it’s an unhealthy addiction.

Very Very Very nice topic of discussion! YES I Have known a few in SL who were literally addicted and online almost 24/7. That is not healthy…. This Blog is a must read!!!!!!!—AmandaMagick

Brian's Blog

“Hi, my name is Brian and I’m addicted to Second Life.”

This post is divided into three groups of “Inputs”;

  1. The first, a radio show, is the most recent and finally spurred me on to publish this topic. It’s lengthy in its own right, but I wanted to combine all these ‘Inputs’ together – this section also gives most insight into my personal issue.
  2. Then there is what I shall call here the JW Input, a leaflet.
  3. Following that, a couple of videos I found on Youtube; the final one is great and covers ten points which are what I want to end this topic on and if you don’t want to read everything here right now please skip to that final part.

[Part One]

I’ve started this topic so many times recently it’s ridiculous. Either my mind flits off to other things (a symptom of the problem I think)…

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