Second Life Marketplace: full permission product scams

It breaks my heart to see so many scammers out there who steal and do as they wish. I am sharing this with all of you and I know everyone is reblogging on this topic but I want to add my own 2 cents as well. Also, I saw on Facebook this website by Izzy. If you are a creator of original mesh you will want to look into this and fill out the application to be on Izzy’s Legit List. The list is getting a big response already! –Love Amanda
Application For Izzy’s Legit List
Think of it as an Angies List for SL.

MP Scams
(image from Strawberry Singh

Inara Pey: Living in a Modemworld

MP Scams Image: Strawberry Singh

The Second Life Marketplace is both a convenience and a pain. Convenience because it provides an ease of selling / buying to users. Pain because its sheer size can make it difficult to effectively police, leaving it open to various forms of abuse.

However, Strawberry Singh has highlighted one area of concern content creators are facing, and has asked for people to pass the word on.

In Full Perm Marketplace Scams,Strawberry points to the abuse of full permission items content creators make available on the Marketplace.  Typically, these items are offered individually or in kits as templates for people to re-use in their own creations, and they generally come with an end-user licence agreement (EULA) specifying their intended use. More often than not, these EULAs forbid the re-sale of such items on an “as is” basis and / or re-sale as full permission items. And if…

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