~Closing Party for MOLLY BLOOM’s “Creative Inhalations”~ YOU’RE INVITED!!!!!

You are invited to attend the Closing Party for MOLLY BLOOM’s “Creative Inhalations” Exhibit
Curated by Sir Walter – Arts Director of Paris METRO Art Gallery (PMAG)
WHEN: Saturday – August 27th 2016
WHERE: Paris METRO Art Gallery LITTLE VERSAILLES GARDEN PMAG Little Versailles Garden LM


Paris METRO Couture_ Artist Series Molly Bloom Tuxedo

Artist Series Gown and Tux available for limited time pricing of 100 L each(90% proceeds of sale goes to artist)

Paris METRO Art Gallery Postcard MollyBloom Art Exhibit Closing


Molly Blume’s Bio

Molly Bloom is a Second Life artist that intentionally uses the resources of Second Life exclusively, meaning all her sets are built in Second Life, or using Second Life scenery. Her avatars models pose in real time. Nothing is added in post production by photoshop, and most pictures are minimally altered. She prides herself on being a purist as a Second Life artist, where part of the challenge of making good art is the joy of building and problem solving.

As an update, while Molly is still not layering in photoshop, she has added some images she produced in Daz 3d.

Molly Bloom is a Real Life artist, and has worked in a number of mediums, but is mostly known for her extensive work with glass. Classical training in many art forms, and a degree in Art History, have given her a firm foundation in the exploration of color and contrast. She has worked in Real Life with clay, wood, metal, multimedia, and painting, amongst other forms, and her award winning glasswork has been exhibited in a number of San Francisco area galleries.

In world she has exhibited at:

Gallery Assis
Chelsea Hotel
Rose Art Gallery
Angelic Art Gallery
Molly Bloom Art Gallery
Angelwood Bay Art Center
Voltai Regions Kurtzal
ART’E Gallery
Crossworlds Gallery
Holtwaye ArtSpace
TerpsiCorps Isle

Magazine Articles:

Rez Magazine – January, 2015
GMP Magazine October and November 2013
Rez Magazine – December 2013
Photography Magazine – October 2013

Silver Award Winner for Favorite Artist and Favorite Art Gallery – 2015 & 2016 – Avi Choice Awards

Molly Bloom´s art calendar 2017: The Queen is Not Amused – pre-shipment has started on April 28 by Jami Mills, Editor of Rez Magazine – the maker of it! Not for public sale, but sent to museums and universities worldwide to support the virtual arts.

Molly Bloom will be presented at the Biennale of Santorini 2016 in a timeless (digital archival) museum in opensim built by Kai (KaiShun Oleander). The very first time walkable immersive environments are put next to classic tangible works of art.

For any questions, please contact Molly in-world under Mollybloom100, or visit her on her Flickr page at http://www.flickr.com/photos/65655745@N02/

Molly Bloom Art Gallery is located at: Molly Bloom Art Gallery LM

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